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About Us

All Points Travel was created by our founder E. Hairston and CEO in 1995. From the very beginning the focus of this travel agency was on a very unique path, unlike other agencies this one was destined to be different. The training provided to the agents was paramount as was obtaining the proper certifications such as the ones proudly posted on this page.

The consulting and booking of vacations, family reunions and other events worked hand in hand. Education provided to the client about there destination is important to help insure the safety and well being of the client. This facilitates good communication with the client. Our founder knew how crucial it was to protect the client from foreign laws and customs they were not familiar with while visiting foreign countries as well as local trips. No matter where you go certain information should be available and provided to the client before departure.

For instance, how to obtain a much needed medication if lost or stolen. What to do if a situation or emergency should emerge miles away from home. All Points Travel provides contingencies and alternatives ahead of time. We do what our competition overlooks on a regular basis. Their eye is on their profit margin first and the customer second. We put our clients first and foremost overall.




ACE True Certified Sandals Specialist
  Certified Beaches Specialist  
Clia Master Certification PTANA OSSN
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