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" The cruise industry continues to work closely with the CDC through the Vessel Sanitation Program to address and identify the incidence and control of illnesses on board ships. I am confident the cruise lines are taking all the appropriate steps within their power." David Forney, chief of Vessel Sanitation Program of the CDC.

If an NLV outbreak should occur, cruise lines take extensive precautions to contain the spread through aggressive sanitation measures and open communication with their guests prior to boarding and whilst on-board the ship. Some of the measures employed when responding to an outbreak of NLV may include:

Bullet Passengers with obvious may symptoms may not be allowed to board.
Bullet To avoid the risk of spreading NLV, passengers who experience typical gastrointestinal symptoms are sometimes asked to remain in their cabins until they are non-contagious but could be asked to disembark at the next available port. The CDC endorses this procedure.
Bullet All crew with NLV symptoms are quarantined until they are non-contagious but may also disembark the ship at the next available port.
Bullet An aggressive on-board communications effort encourages guests to frequently wash their hands. Washing one's hands regularly (each hour or two) is a very good way to reduce the spread of contact viruses such as NLV.
Bullet Aboard ship, staterooms and public areas are cleaned and disinfected daily including, but not limited to, counters, bathroom surfaces, door handles, railings and grab bars, exercise equipment and TV remote controls.
Bullet On turn-around days, extra crew are brought on-board to disinfect the ship with the CDC recommended chlorine-based solution from top to bottom before additional passengers board.
Bullet On-board medical facilities and staff are always available to prescribe medication for symptomatic treatment gastrointestinal symptoms.
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